On Becoming [Unfukwitable] is an offering. It is a journey undertaken by both artist and audience, a mission-driven telling of stories and memories created to both heal and liberate. Written, conceived and guided by Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe, On Becoming [Unfukwitable] is a theater experience that the audience helps craft through interactive games and dialogue. Influenced by the works of Caroline Myss, Edwidge Danticat, Louise Hay, Miles Davis, Alice Walker, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Mike Dooley, Robert Greene and many others, On Becoming [Unfukwitable] explores the four archetypes that construct the completeness of being unfukwitable: the King, the Lover, the Warrior and the Magician. With impeccable directing by Danielle Wright, a lush and powerful multimedia backdrop designed by Nikki Patin and Detroit visual artists Imel Battle, Theird, Michael Shelton and Natasha Guimond, and opening and closing original performances by Obsidian Blues Crew, On Becoming [Unfukwitable] blends beauty, magic, laughter and ferocity into an unforgettable performance with one mission: to steal all of ourselves BACK.

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