“To be unfukwitable: to vibrate at the frequency of evolution, to be free, so far North, that you are able to restore your wholeness, to feel safe within yourself; to move calmly at the center of hurricanes.”

Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe

The preview performance of On Becoming [Unfukwitable] is on Saturday, April 25th, at 7pm at the Garden Theater, located at 3929 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, MI.

Part of ArtX Detroit, this performance is FREE!

Admission is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Not recommended for those younger than 10.

Audience is recommended to come dressed as who they think they’ll be in 5 years.
On Becoming [Unfukwitable] is a one-woman show about transformation.
Each narrative is distinct. Ning, the narrator, leads the journey. Papa is a jazz connoisseur and a lawyer. Ning, on the other hand, is a poet and a storyteller. She moves through ghazals, spells, sonnets, limericks, and elegies in an effort to heal and defend herself. Grammy speaks in blues poems. Ning’s little brother, Boy-boy, describes his memories as various games. Nanay’s (Filipino for “Mother’s”) monologues are recipes. She relays her memories through sharing recipes and demonstrating folk dances. These forms weave themselves into deep, rich stories. The mission is to become whole. One can only become whole by taking the opposite action of what they did to survive. Ning was sitting on her father’s lap, so now it is time for her to stand.

Special closing performance by Detroit’s own Obsidian Blues.

For information about directions and parking, please call 313-832-0888. For all other inquiries, including press requests, please contact Nikki Patin at nikkipatin@gmail.com.

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